You can still make money off your abandoned blogger blog - a little bit with Google Adsense

11:23 AM Posted by Paula Neal Mooney

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    I've been creating a spreadsheet and updating it since I'm a "niche website webmaster" now -- with about 30 websites I'm maintaining and hoping to parlay into more profitable ones.

    In doing that, I've listed out all the domains I own, and when I bought most of them. Plus, I break out the Google Adsense, Amazon and income that each one owns -- when I can figure out which ones are which.

    You see, at first I wasn't too great about separating my Adsense channels into things that would help me recognize what ads were earning what on specific websites -- but thank God I think I've figured it out by being able to match my StatCounter impressions with the numbers that Adsense provides.

    And I've gotten a lot better about naming my Adsense channels specific things so I know which ads belong to which websites, and the specific type of ad -- whether it be the links at the top or a wide skyscraper on another site or a medium or large rectangle inside the posts.

    In doing this process, that's how I discovered that this blog I'm writing on now still gets around 1,200 or more hits per month -- and the Google ads bring in about $5 each month. Sure, not much, but every little bit adds up to much, and since it's a free blogger blog that I don't have to renew the domain name on each year, that's about $60 per year passive income that I don't do much at all to maintain.

    So I thought I'd come over here and figure out a way to increase even what it's making now -- this little blog I think I set up way back in 2006 just to hold my pics, hence, the name

    It's a good exercise to see which websites are bringing you the money, and seek for ways to improve them. I hadn't written on this blog since February 2011 -- 5 months ago -- and before that, it'd probably been a year. But I'm glad I have the blog, now it's off to my main money-maker at the moment,, to  tweak those header links to give them a better click-through-rate.